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Our Rules

There are no rules at the moment, but don't get crazy :D

Our Rules

  1. Account and Characters

    1. One Account per player is allowed!
    2. You are responsible for your account and internet connection (IP).
      If rule infringements are detected on your account/IP our team may
      punish your account or your IP.
    3. We are not liable for losses as result of connection interruptions.
    4. The use of pornographic, misanthropic, religiosity/political-abusive names is not allowed.
      A less severe contempt will result in a character/guild/pet/... -rename.
      A severe contempt (such as racism) may result in a permanently punishment.
    5. Trades of your account data (such as login or item data), including loans are not allowed.
  2. Friendly Treating

    1. Always treat other players as you want to be treated.
    2. Any kind of insult in any chat, post or channel is not allowed.
      Less severe insults will result in a mute (chat block).
      Others (depending on its severity) may result in a permanently punishment.
    3. If you find a Bug, please use the Bugtracker!
      Please take in mind that GMs do not fix bugs, so the ticket system is not a good place for this.
      Exploiting bugs will result in a permanently ban.
    4. Arena-Pushing (willfully Win/Loses with your Teams) is not allowed! If you take a low-equipped player
      into a high rating Team it is not Pushing, so it is allowed.
    5. Ninjalooting is not allowed!
      Please stay Fair.
    6. Any kind of gambling that requires items or gold to invest is not allowed!
    7. Tradecheating is strictly forbidden. Tradecheating will result in a permanently punishment.
      If you write a ticket don´t forget to have some proofs like screens.
      Please stay Fair!
  3. Support

    1. If you have a problem Ingame you can use the Ticket-system.
      Please don´t write just "Need GM" or "HELP" these kinds of tickets will be deleted
      without any comment.
    2. Don´t write any bugs in a ticket or questions about the donation system.
      Donation rewards will be delivered by the server.
      Normally you may wait up to 15-20min.
      If there are Problems please contact an Admin via TS.
    3. Begging for gold, items, level-ups or any similar thing is not allowed.
    4. If you want to report any rule infringement, write a ticket with some proofs.
      Please don't open a thread about that in our forum!
    5. The team reserves the right to expand punishments to our homepage or teamspeak.
  4. Cheats and Hacks

    1. Each cheat, hack or macro/macro-scripts/program which gives any kind of
      advantage to players is strictly forbidden.
      This will definitely result in a permanently ban.
    2. Each attack of the Server or software is a criminal act and will be hunted by the Police.
  5. Third-party Advertising

    In-game and on the whole website and teamspeak from incredible-wow.com advertising of any
    competing website, image, video or other kind of media is not allowed.