August 30, 2014 21:27

Darkepiphany2 Items from Shop Wrong also cant see previous thread


My previous thread is not letting me in, I am getting a 403 Forbidden Error everytime, it says to email (email.com) it may have been because I listed admins to see it, but I think the OP should be able to see it as well. 

I was wondering what the status is of the bug I reported from getting shop items incorrect and with 0 durability. One trinket was replaced entirely with Linen Cloth x 18. 

I also noticed that Solace of the Fallen was said to have +126 Intellect, but it did not come with that, instead +sp 180, which if int to sp is 1:1, thats great, I get more sp, but I was under the impression that INT also gave spell crit, which means that INT would be a more valuable stat?

EDIT: Now Zabra's Cowl of Conquest AND Pants are completely gone from my character visually and is not in my inventory or equipped to my character at all. Lats night the set bonus was there and now it shows correctly that there is only one piece which is the Handwraps. 


Hey could u please join our Support-Teamspeak ?
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That the duability is 0 is correct !

I´m wondering about your bug cause when i tried to bought these Items
I get all what i ordered.


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