June 27, 2014 14:36

casian GM


Hello this is my ticket for gm application

1) What is your name ?
-Casian :D

2) What is your age and how mature are you compared to other people the same age as you?.
-19, I'm acting mature enough to look professional :)

3) Where in the world are you located and what timezone are you in?
-Romania, +3

4) Have you ever been banned for any reason?

5) How much time would you put into being a member of our Staff? And how much time do you daily spend on WoW? (Be specific please : Day/Time etc.)
-Weekdays: 5-7 hours
-Weekends: 7-12 hours
-If I become an Staff member, I would probably spent all my time just on GM character

6) Do you have a basic base of command knowledge? (TrinityCore based)
-Yes I do. If you want to know how much experienced am I, just PM me

7) Do you work well in teams?
-Ofc, I like teamwork and sharing

8) Explain to us what makes you suitable for the Ticket GM position.
-Suitable? Hmm, well I like to help players and I'm experienced (as far as I know), so Tickets won't be problem for me at all

9) Why do you want to become a member of our Staff team and what interests you the most about the Ticket GM position?
-I always wanted to be more than just a player on this Server. I like helping players, I am very friendly, calmed and peaceful (but I also have some limits ) ;)

10) What positive additions could you make to the Server/Community, what are your good qualities?
-For Server, to help players in game. For Community, to help on Forum topics and Vote Qualities....I said them in prev. answer

11) What do you think is the most important thing for a Ticket GM to do/to be?
-To have experience no matter what GM rank he is. He has to know every thing(Quest, Token, Coin..) on server to help players easier, he also has to act professional and he has to know all required Rules.

12) Are you familiar with the expression "power hungry"? If so, what does this mean to you and what can convince us that you're not that type of person?
-First time I see this expression. But I understood it very well. No, I'm not that kind of person. I mean, poor those like ''power hungry's'' because players like those mostly want to revenge and show his 'powers' to players. Like, he want to show them that players are 'baby's' for him. They can't do nothing to him. I don't like players like those at all..

13) We require all GM's to act professional at all times, this includes proper spelling and grammar, will this be a problem for you?
-I think that won't be a problem

14) Fluent languages ?
- Italiano, Serbian, Romanian, English, German

15) A player makes a ticket repeatedly, you told him to stop making tickets but he keeps going. What do you do?
- If the player really need help, I will help him at any way. But if he's spamming it just because of fun, I would warn him 1st time, but second time I would kick him or ban him for 1-2 hours.

16) Do you have a working microphone ? The decisive step of accepting your application is a live interview over Skype.
- Yes I do have it, and it works fine, but the problem is, since my computer is very old, I can leave skype on max. 5 minutes..so I would be glad if Admin should interview me in game :)

Set of rules for Staff members

As staff you will make the best effort to provide a healthy gaming environment for WoWIncredible players.
As staff you will not harass, insult, discriminate, or harm another player or staff member in any way.
As staff you will not abuse your powers, by giving items away, affecting the game play of others negatively in the server, spamming, altering the natural state of a player, or giving players an unfair advantage.
As staff you will always be expected to uphold a professionalism level. Attempt to sound competent when typing, do not make tons of spelling errors, do not get into an argument with a player, and always stay calm and passive.
As staff you will respect all players and staff members.
As staff you will properly administer the correct items to be given away at the conclusion of events if it is your duty to do so.
As staff you will spend a reasonable amount of time on the server, answering tickets, facilitating the healthy gaming environment of WoWTemple, and otherwise fulfilling your duties.
As staff you will submit any bugs, issues, or glitches involving the server, a player, or anything else to the WoWIncredible  management.
As staff any code, applications, or programs created for the server are property of WoWIncredible


Hey Casian. 

Thank you for this application.
But at the moment is our Team completed.

When we recrute Team-Member we will Announce this. 

Thank you very much.

Best greetings Saxy.



  by <Admin>Saxy June 28, 2014 14:31   

addition ..

you forgot to edit one "WOWTemple" to "WOWIncredible" in your template.. cool

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  by <Admin>Saxy August 12, 2014 20:17