July 16, 2014 04:18

Voting issue has grown. Vote sites no longer giving vote points.


So, now the sites aren't giving the vote points for voting on them. I've tried voting every twelve hours, and when I do I won't be awarded the points. I've even waited an extra twelve hours to see and the points still won't come in. I'm only 10 away from the 50 gold that I need for my char and this is becoming quite annoying.

EDIT: Sites now giving the points, but still requiring that I vote like every two days instead of every twelve hours. Still needs to be looked into, but for now it's no longer as bad as previously mentioned.


Thanks Brezko for this awesome Guide..

Using it you will not have problems anymore I think ;)

Guide For How To Vote For Incredible WOW


  by <Admin>Zauberer January 1, 1900 00:00