May 12, 2014 16:03

Server Rates!


Hey Guys, 

dont worry we are still in our BETA version. 

We want to know what you like to give you a good game expirience. 

So our plan is that we are looking what do you like and what you guys dislike after that we will 
try to set all rates on 1 level so that you don´t´have so much problems like now the Gold with Levleing and so on. 

We will Announce the Uptes on our Homepage, facebook, Google+ and twitter so that you guys all time informed.

Best greetings 


Hello there, I was wondering if the server rates we fixed yet? I personally need to know how to manage my leveling routine?


Also, extra bonous question, Do you guys transfer toons from other private servers?

  by Baelian May 12, 2014 16:03   

Hey Baelian

The Server Rates are fixed 30x XP 10x Drop.
Bonus questions will be included soon. 

at the moment we don´t transfer chars or so from other servers.

We Hope you enjoy the time with us.


  by <Admin>Saxy May 12, 2014 16:55   


Well, I know it's a new server, and I think maybe could increase the rates of professions and reputation, because as there are not many people online, we can't join to the BG's and get armour for do dungeons... 

It's pretty hard complete and get armour right now, so I mentioned before... I think that with rates at x7, would awesome...

Thanks for your understanding...

Chars: Dolvar (Warrior) - Nauhgty (Druid)


  by Zhetto May 24, 2014 17:25   


i am against the idea to change the rates of repuation and professions.

You say you cant do dungeons or battlegrounds but you can farm reputation or skill a profession to gain equipment and if the rates of repuation and professions is 7x you will have nothing else to do as waiting for the population to do dungeons and battlegrounds.

Farer if the rates of repuation and professions only would be changed because low population that would mean that the rates will become normal if the population is higher and that would be not fair obverse new players who join the server when the population is higher.

Greetings Rahja


PS: Thanks for your understanding

  by Rahja May 25, 2014 12:39   


Your not me this understanding, in the guild  actually are four characters connected (lvl 80), we try to do dungeons but as none is set, always fail in the dungeon and is exactly why we need to get epic pieces (lvl 200 farm reputation ) or similar (professions) in order to achieve our goals (DPS - HEAL - TANK)...  in addition to this we can help new people to get set and grow the server.

thanks for listening me

Chars: Dolvar (warrior) Naughty (Druid)

  by Zhetto May 25, 2014 18:46