July 14, 2014 18:11

Problems with voting One of the vote sites not working.


So, I go to do my daily voting for the server, and the first voting site, GTop100 isn't working. It takes me to the site, I vote, it says "Thank you for voting", but upon returning to the site, I haven't received my Vote Points. The other two sites work just fine though. Not an immediate issue, but it should be resolved eventually.


It's a temporary problem at the moment..

I already complained at gtop100 about it, here the answer:


"Hello, we are sorry about this, since we changed the voting system the

pingUsername has stopped working, this will however be fixed when we release
the new gtop100 2.0 website along with a lot more improvements.

Regards, Gtop100 Admin"


so.. he is working on it.. cool

  by <Admin>Zauberer July 23, 2014 23:31