December 3, 2014 12:48

No People?? Empty server


I have an issue that needs answering. When I log on to the server with one of my toons. I can do everything fine ie: quest, kill monsters, get loot... But there are no other players, not even in the cities, or even anything in the AH for me to possibly buy. Am I missing something or do I have to change something in a file? I have checked my relm list and everything seems correct. Please help so I can enjoy this server.




Yes you are right, this server is kinda new and the player base is our biggest problem at the moment.


The server is not totally empty, there are a lot of characters created and leveled up already. But because of different time zones (international server) and reallife the players log in on different times. We are currently discussing possible improvements internally.


Well but feel free to like/share us ;)

  by <Admin>Zauberer December 4, 2014 00:48   

I don't Exactly Know where to post, Since didn't see any  General Support/Tech Support In the forums. SO I'M Just gonna say it here.


My problem Is that hte launcher doesn't work for me idk why so instead I'm stuck using wow.exe but when  i log into the 3.3.5a I see nobody there but when i see on the site Realm it says It has over 4k or 400 or something like dat Online but when i loged ingame there was zero

  by Isnipeu December 12, 2014 17:26   

Isnipeu, that was my thought. I alo play on a TBC relm and there are always people on the server. I just assumed it would be the same way on this one.

  by Kutaz December 13, 2014 15:19   

You Must have a bug in your launcher.  Let me explain.  I have the WOD game downloaded already and so that of course is where I put your launcher exactly as you said to do.  But when I click on the launcher it says I MUST download the game for it to work.  Even though it shows its in my game folder!  So obviously I'm not going to download the game all over again.  This must be the reason your server is empty of players as I've read in the forum.  Please fix this problem or at least explain to me exactly how I can access your server.




  by Whamina December 24, 2014 18:44   

Our Launcher works, there is no bug but the Launcher is atm only for WOTLK(12340, 3.3.5a).
Our Warlords of Dreanor Server is in closed beta so only open for beta-testing people.
When we launch other versions we will update the launcher for them :)

Also we will announce all releases , like WOD, MOP and also CATA :) 

And that you don´t see people on our server is no bug... because sometimes there are no people online.
Most of the players are online in the evening (6pm - 11pm GMT+1)

Hope this helped you guys, 

best regards Saxy

  by <Admin>Saxy December 25, 2014 10:10   

Well that answers it then.  I didn't realise the launcher was only set for WOTLK.  I have several copies of that saved but am currently playing WOD on another private server.  Good luck on your closed beta!  :)

  by Whamina December 25, 2014 15:28   

Hello i was wondering why you would even make a WoD, MoP and a Cata server. When the server is almost dead?
Im not trying to say the server sucks, i think you have a great staff, but just curious how that would work out.
look forward for a reply, thanks


Best regards Frank

  by Dapina December 27, 2014 06:34   

Thanks for your question Frank,


we want to offer you all expansions so this includes also cata, mop and wod :)

The problem is that our WOTLK server is not as popular as we hoped. Probably because WOTLK is just "too old"

so we decided to offer all expansions.


WOTLK will be still open and we will also do progressive work there so there is no restriction if you thought this


best regards

  by <Admin>Saxy December 27, 2014 09:48   


  by Koxie January 2, 2015 09:34