January 2, 2015 09:38

Koxie Koxie who? QQ!


Hello everyone, I have few questions in here.

About me.

I am old Head Admin from a trinity core server, I will not say the name that would be advertisement, but that server was I80, boring as shit, I found this server by an advertisement on AC-web. My real Name is Nikolaj, I like to waste money on nothing, I am 18 year / old, and I live in denmark, I see this server its abit Deutch so here it comes......... ich bin koxie i bist really good deutch speaker. haha


Q; Did you nerf or buff, customize the classes yet?

Q; What can you do with the donation points? (same to vote points?) - instant heroic tier or?

Q; Its there a reason why paypal isnt added to the donation button?

Q; How many online its there daily on the server, do we reach 100 or under?

Q; New forum like Pro verison (Vbulletin) Exampel?


This server looks interst to me I gonna stay here a bit to see what happends.. Just a fact, I would like to donate with paypal #AnotherWasteOfMoney haha.


- Nikolaj Koxie 



I wrote in a thread before cuz i am stupid.. LEL .


Hey Koxie 

Our Classes are working very good. We made a complete new spellbalance calculation

to make sure that is everything correct.


The IPoints and the VPoints can you use in our shop. It is complete customized for your character.

You can find it in your account panel/ Character Mangement/ choose a realm / choose your character

or click here 


We don´t offer paypal donations because of the "charge back" function. 

But there are many other possibilities to donate :)


The online playercount is around 20-30 per day so we don´t reach the 100 yet.


Our forum is completly self scripted so we are able to add new features here 

It is much better than an forum version :)



Thanks a lot for your questions :)
and we hope that you going to have a lot of fun with us tongue-out



best regards 


  by <Admin>Saxy January 2, 2015 13:26