July 29, 2014 22:33

Guide For How To Vote For Incredible WOW ...



Basicly many people have told me that they do not recive any vote points when they vote. I have a Problem with only one vote site "Gtop100" and I do recive my vPoints from "Top100Arena" and from "OpenWOW".


So now lets go to the Guide.

Log into your account >

click "My account panel" >

Click on "get vPoints" >

After that open the 3 voting sites and fill in the Captcha  >

go to the Second page and find [NEW] Incredible WOW and click on the name.

Congratulations you voted.

Helpful tips :



Top100arena : 59th Place.
OpenWoW : 47th Place.

People ask me what will they get when they vote since at this moment there is only gold in the vote shop...


Well you will help the server "climb up" in the rankings and when that happends more players will join US.


The other thing is I have talked to Saxy and Sayron, I`ll just tell that the Vote shop is gonna get "Updated"and you`ll be able to spend your vote points for...well I guess we just have to wait a few more days...


This is for the Hordies, We are going to play a game for every 10 places that we climb I will give You "Presents" Could be items, could be gems, could be Gold... but for me to keep track of you guys be sure to Log into the game and send an in-game Mail to Vshu when you have voted... or if its not a problem with the Staff you guys can post it in this thread. But be sure to let me know who is your Main...




Thank you.. This thread will solve the most voting problems.

I keep it open for any additions that may come up.

  by <Admin>Zauberer January 1, 1900 00:00   

Okey...So I got an idea lets play a game.

For every 100 vote points you make from voting... there will be a reward...Simple as that.

Prizes: 1k Gold / 3 Cut gems / 3 epic BoE* items. *Bind on Equip.



1. If you find away to vote from 2 or 3 accounts, that means using 2 or 3 PC/laptops to vote I will still give you the reward you chose


2. You can chose 1 of the 3 prizes.


3. This "game" is only for Horde side at the moment, because I do not have any alliance toons.


How will things start and how will you show me that you have made the 100 vote points.


1. When and If you decide to participate in this game make a screen shot and upload it to a site ( I personaly use http://tinypic.com/ )


2. Afte you have completed Step One, just vote and when you make 100 vote points just post another screenshot of your vPoints so I know that you are Legit.


3. Claim Your Reward.


**Disclamer: When I say for 100 vote points I do not mean 100,200,300...and so on...I mean that when you decide to play you might have 20 or 30 vPoints and when you make "the 100 vote points" that means that you`ll have 120 or 130 vPoints.


  by Brezko August 13, 2014 23:55   

Didn`t know where to post it so i`ll post it here.

Top100Arena place 50.

Keep up the good work everyone.


  by Brezko August 18, 2014 01:09