September 27, 2014 14:36

Cross-Faction would help Some cross-faction stuff would be helpful.


New to iWow and see the server has a low population of players and have a few suggestions.


Changing the settings to have cross-faction Ally/Horde chat in channels, say, whisper, etc would let people talk more.


Who list shownig both Ally/Horde would make the server look more active.


A big thing to help the economy would be a cross-faction "merged" auctionhouse so everyone can benifit from players who do professions and give new players access to more items, gear etc while leveling.  Cross-faction mail would be nice too if possible.


I've played on other small servers like this where both Ally/Horde interacted more to help the whole server when they had access to chat, AH, mail, trading. Each faction could ask to queue for battlegrounds or arenas.


I know it's "not blizzlike" as some servers try to keep it but it did help other servers I played on when they had low pop. All are fairly simple to change in the core settings.



Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
We´ll think about this and maybe we add some features of cross faction.

best regards Saxy

  by <Admin>Saxy September 28, 2014 13:48   

We enabled cross faction auction and the wholist will display both factions.

But we will not enable channels since it will mess up the chats with insultions and flaming.


Very useful suggestions, thank you.


  by <Admin>Zauberer September 29, 2014 21:29