January 15, 2015 02:53

XP-Storm 100x XP 50x DROP


Dear IWoW-Players,


a new event has just started! XP STORM! We increased the XP and DROP Rates on both INCREDIBLE and LOST realm by the following values: 


100x XP and 50x DROP


This event will be active for 7 days from now , so ending date is January 22th


In addition you are able to start instantly with a level 80 (INCREDIBLE) or a level 85 (LOST) character for free including a bunch of gold and a startpack for your class by using the promotion codes listed below.

The Promotioncode event is ending on February 28th!

Promotioncode INCREDIBLE:



Promotioncode LOST:




 Don´t forget that you have to be logged out (Ingame) when you reedem the promotioncode!


Shop for realm INCREDIBLE

Shop for realm LOST


Enjoy the events,

Your IWOW Team