December 14, 2014 02:04

Vengeance - WOD - Closed Beta Start Warlords of Draenor


We are really proud to announce that we are expanding!


Some of you may have already noticed the realm list on the right of our startpage that changed some days ago. Yes we will not only offer WOTLK(3.3.5a), we will also open CATA(4.3.4), MOP(5.4.8) and WOD(6.0.3).


LOST (our CATA) already started development many months ago, so it gonna start very stable I think.


But due to the mass amount of requests for Warlords of Draenor we received within the past days, we decided to start developing a private WOD server. And now it's time to announce that we started the closed beta for it.


Stay Close,

Your IWOW-Team