May 17, 2014 15:51

Updates within the last days many things happened around here..



We fixed some little bugs.. Players who registered ealier wasn't able to reach the maximum level because there was a little bug in the account registration. This problem is fixed and registration is working now without problems.


Aswell we added some new features to our site, such as "Change Credentials", "iPoints" and "vPoints".

Using Change Credentials you are able to change your password or email if you are logged in on the site and knowing the current password.



vPoints are "Vote Points", you are able to charge them using our new Voteshop.

3 voting partners are currently visible there and you are able to vote every 12h on each voting site.

Please take in mind that the 12h jail is from us.. some voting site allow only 1 voting each 24h.

In that case sorry, but we can't change external sites since we do not own them.

To consume the vPoints a "Gold Charge" is currently in development. With this you will be able to turn your vPoints into Gold on one or more characters you own.



iPoints are "Incredible Points", you are able to charge them using our Paymentwall shop, that will follow soon.

Currently this project is financed by my own funds, so in future it should carry its own costs. 

Using the iPoints you are able to support us, our development, support and updates.

To consume the iPoints an "Item Shop" will be integrated into our website soon. There you will be able to buy some cool stuff to enhance your in-game experience. Items will be instantly transfered to a variing character using this shop.