June 16, 2014 01:42

Good things come to those who wait. The Definition of Awesomeness personified



Latest Updates:

On today's restart we updated some things many of you were suggesting within the last weeks.


  1. Profession Experience has been doubled
  2. Required whisper & channel level upped to 20
  3. Reputation gain has been tripled
  4. Several bugs fixed


Ready to announce upcoming Features:

Within the last weeks we spend a lot of time to improve the web services.

We planned a fully customized item shop where players should be able to get

a lot of things that makes the game more comfortable and more easy.

I'm really proud to announce that it is almost ready...


The following screenshots will introduce you to the new features coming soon:


Many tests are still outstanding before we are able to release it but it will go live

within the next few weeks.


Your Incredible-WOW Team